Israel, A Friend or A Foe!!

By: Hank Hardy

As we mentioned on the “politics and government” page, we do not shy away from controversial subjects. Questioning Israel’s friendship in either branch of the congress or any government agency is a big taboo, but in this blog we tell it like it is with no fluff or bluff.

If you go to a downtown area of any city or village and ask people you pick in random this question: Is Israel our friend or our enemy? About 75% of the times you’ll hear this:

  • Of course Israel is our friend.
  • Israel is the only friend we have in the Middle East.
  • Israel is our friend and ally. It’s the only democracy in the Middle East.

Notice that I said about 75% of the times. If you asked people the same question 10 years ago the percentage would’ve been around 95%. The drop in support for Israel is due to the American people waking up and realizing the truth regarding our so called friend. 10 years from now the percentage would probably be 30% or even lower.

To say that Israel is our enemy would not be correct. After all we support that country in every possible way, willingly or unwillingly. Without our support Israel would seize to exist. While we have a huge number of people living below the poverty level here in the United States, we pour billions of dollars every year in the Israeli lap. We shower them with every modern weapon known to man to kill innocent people with, and when they are condemned by every country in the United Nations, we VETO the UN Security Council decision so the Israelis can commit more murders and destroy more properties that belong to the Palestinians.

So, we established that Israel is not our enemy, but is it our friend?? Many say yes but others say no. so let’s examine the facts.

Fact: Israel is our best friend and ally as long as they benefit from this friendship. Our relationship with Israel is based on the “give and take” principle. We give and they take. The giving and taking is always in one direction, never the other way.

Fact: Israel invests a huge amount of money in our government. From bribing the Senators and members of the House of Representatives to lobbying vigorously in the congress and White House to suck the life blood out of our country and threatening retaliation against any and all oppositions. The money they are using against us is the same money that we give them every year in the form of financial aid. Our government officials are either too dumb to realize that or somehow justify their actions so they can continue to reap the benefits.

Fact: Israel would attack all US military targets if it can get away with it. During the 6-Day war that Israel initiated against Egypt, Syria and Jordan in 1967, Israel viciously attacked an American Intelligence Ship called The USS Liberty. For more than 2 hours the Israeli planes, torpedoes boats, rockets and helicopters attacked the ship, killing 34 Americans and wounding 171 others. A book called “Assault on the Liberty” was written by James M. Ennes, Jr. explaining the event in details. The Israelis claim that it was a mistake and apologized for it, but how do they explain an intense 6 hour low level surveillance by Israeli photo reconnaissance aircrafts? They can’t. Click on this link USS Liberty to watch this BBC documentary.

Fact: Israel takes every opportunity to stab us in the back. They spy on our government and steel our secrets by employing their moles in sensitive government positions in order to secretly copy and send to Israel classified information and top, well guarded secrets of government and military. Remember Jonathan Pollard?

He was a spy for, and paid by, the Israeli government. After sending a large amount of secret documents to the Israeli government, he was caught, tried for espionage and sentenced to life in Prison. He was called the worst traitor in the United States history. The Israeli government has been trying for years to get him freed but the American President refused, so far, to cave in to the pressure. Recently, it was announced that he will be released from jail due to his illness and the limited time he has left on this earth. Jonathan, you won’t be missed.

The worst part of this espionage is that a great deal of classified information that Pollard stole and sold to Israel was of little or no use to Israel but of great value to the Soviet Union. Somehow this information found its way to the Russian hands. No one knows for sure how it ended up in the Soviet hands, but among the many speculations on the how, was the selling of these documents to the Soviets by the Israelis for a very high price. Jonathan Pollard was one of many spies for Israel.

Some radicals like Alan Dershowitz justify Pollards treason and unforgivable crime by saying: he spied for a Friendly Country, not an enemy. If the smart lawyer listens to himself he would shoot himself in the mouth for saying the most stupid thing. There is another name for someone who betrays his friends; it’s called a “back stabbing”, which’s much worse and more damaging when it’s done by a “so called” friend than a stab in the front by an enemy. One would expect an attack by an enemy but never by a friend. If a man’s wife runs off with a stranger/ enemy, her husband would be angry and hurt, but if she runs off with his best friend he will be devastated and disappointed beyond belief.

These facts and many others are undisputed. You can google them and learn even more about the details.

Back to the big question: Is Israel our friend?? This is the type of question that can be answered by other questions like:

Would a friend stab his friend in the back?

Would a friend attack his friend deliberately and claim it’s a mistake?

Would a friend keep meddling in his friend affairs and demand favors while giving nothing in return?


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