By: Hank Hardy

Anna Baltzer is an American Jew who decided to do the right thing and become a peace activist in the Middle East. She recently published a book entitled “WITNESS IN PALESTINE”, A Jewish American Woman in the Occupied Territories. This is a must read book for those who don’t understand the horrible conditions imposed on the Palestinians in their own land by the Israeli occupiers.

Anna also publishes a news letter entitled “End the Occupation”, US campaign to end the Israeli occupation.

One would wonder: why a Jewish American woman would go out of her way to travel to the Middle East and stand with the Palestinians in their struggle against the Israelis. The answer is because she has a very high integrity and moral value. She, like many American and Israeli Jews, are standing against the Israeli government which is trying to suppress the rightful owners of the land which they confiscated at gun point. It’s a stand against the evil to help the victims.

We salute you Anna. Keep up the good work. See her interview with Jon Stewart. Click the link below.

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