Big Eater

A man from New York heard that Southern people are big eaters, so he decided to find out for himself. He drove his fancy car to Tennessee. Arriving to a little town in the Middle of the state he found a group of small boys playing. He called one of them and asked him, hey boy, are you a big eater? Maybe, replied the little boy. I will give you $10 if you can eat this watermelon all by yourself; you think you can do that? The boy replied, I don’t know sir, hold on for a minute. The boy ran home and returned after 10 minutes and said to the man from New York, I think I can eat it. The man handed him the big watermelon and said here you go. The boy ate the whole watermelon. The New Yorker was astonished. He handed the boy $10 and said, this is remarkable but let me ask you one question, why did you go home before eating the watermelon? The boy replied, my daddy bought a bunch of watermelons last night; one of them was about the size of this one. I figured if I can eat that one then I can eat this one.

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