In the year 2000, George W. Bush was elected as President of United States. Shortly after that, he and his vise president Dick Chaney with the help of their Secretary of Defense, Ronald Rumsfeld, began plotting for the invasion of Iraq. They started their scheme by telling a series of lies to the American Public in attempt to lessen the people’s opposition to the war that they were about to plunge the country into, which ultimately cost us billions upon billions of dollars, and thousands upon thousands of young American lives that were needlessly lost, not to mention the much larger numbers of wounded, physically and psychologically.

Among the lies that we were told by the evil trio (Chaney, Bush & Rumsfeld) is that Saddam Hussein, the president of Iraq at that time, has a stock pile of chemical weapons that he intends to use against his enemies, mainly Israel and US. Remember the Secretary of State Collin Powel in the United Nations, showing the whole world a bunch of fabricated pictures of the chemical weapons’ locations in Iraq? After the invasion, the US forces turned the country upside down trying to find those chemical weapons but found absolutely nothing, not a shred of evidence to substantiate their claim. Collin Powel claimed that he was misled and resigned at the end of Bush’s first term. The CIA claimed that they were given the wrong information. They think that the American people are stupid enough to believe them. Sadly enough, some of us did, mainly the Republicans.

Another huge lie that we, the American people, were told is that Saddam Hussein was bringing Al-Qaida to Iraq. Such statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Hussein hated Al-Qaida with a passion and would have crushed them had they tried to enter his country. The truth is that Al-Qaida entered Iraq and became a force to be recon with only after the American invasion of that country.

George Bush and his gang decided, in their infinite wisdom, to alienate the Sunnis in Iraq in favor of the Shies, which made the Sunnis resent the Iraqi government and thus forming a radical, ruthless group known as ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria). This organization became very powerful that everyone in the region and abroad, with one exception, feared and wanted to annihilate them for all the crimes and atrocities they committed in the name of Islam, against the Iraqis, the Syrians and the Westerners, especially Americans. They call themselves Muslims but no one could be further from Islam. Howard Dean, the former chairman of the Democratic Party and former presidential candidate, put it best when he said; those people are no more Muslims than I am. They would go looking for Americans and kill them by beheading. The victims are often innocent who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Everyone in the Arabic and Western Worlds is condemning the criminal actions of ISIS and trying to fight them tooth and nail except one country that seems to strike a friendship with these thugs. That country is Israel. Though it was never publicly announced, and never will be, ISIS and Israel seem to be in agreement with each other and helping one another. Before you think I am crazy for saying that, consider these undeniable facts:

  • With all the threats that ISIS had made against many leaders and countries, they have never threatened Israel or Netanyahu.
  • When ISIS was fighting the Syrian army, Israeli war planes bombed targets belonging to the Syrian Army in an effort to help their friends.
  • The Israeli army would not allow anyone from any country for any reason to enter the demilitarized zone in the Golan Heights except the ISIS fighters.
  • When the fighters of ISIS are injured, they are treated in Israeli hospitals.
  • Israel has never condemned the actions of ISIS although everyone else did.

These and many other facts would make you wonder about the strong ties between ISIS and Israel. People in the Middle East are very well familiar with the reality in Iraq, but we, in the United States are as ignorant as people on the moon. All we hear on the news is that ISIS is bad and they are killing Americans, but if we dig a little deeper in the matter, we will discover the truth about Israel and their new found friend. Both Israel and ISIS have no friends in the Middle East, now they found each other and became each other’s allies.

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