Obama and Syria

By: Hank Hardy

Recently, President Obama threatened to attack Syria because, as he says, the Syrian army is using chemical weapons to kill civilian people. While I agree with him that no one should be using chemical weapons against anyone else, I question his motive and reasoning for preventing the use of such weapons.

The world needs to know, that the use of chemical weapons to kill and maim people is reserved only for the Israelis. Remember the phosphorous bombs they dropped on the people of Gaza? It makes people who were affected by those bombs wish they were dead as their skin peeled off like a banana peel. When heard about that, what did Mr. Obama do?…. Nothing. What did the United Nation do?…Nothing. What did the world do?…Nothing. SO, to sum it up the Israelis can do whatever they damn please, but anybody else should be held accountable for their action if our beloved president does not like it.

What I would like to know is: since when Mr. Obama is in love with the Syrian people, that he is willing to plunge our country in yet another war, just to stop the Syrian army from using chemical weapons? Actually, he is not. He wasn’t sure if his idea was a sensible one. That’s why he decided not to act on his own, although he has the power to do so. Instead, he decided to ask the congress for a permission to attack Syria. The congress, as expected, did not give him the green light to attack, although they wanted to, but they know that the majority of the American people are against such an action. To save face, president Obama sent his Secretary of State, John Kerry, to negotiate with his Russian counterpart and pressure the Syrians to surrender their chemical weapons to be destroyed. The unanswered question remains unanswered, which is: why does Mr. Obama wants to attack Syria for using chemical weapons? And why does the congress members would love to give the President the go ahead but couldn’t?

To answer the last part first, the president and the congress were afraid of the reaction of the American public, moreover, they were afraid that the Americans would somehow find out the reason for the attack and resent it. The reason was none other than protecting Israel. If the Syrian President and Army were successful in crushing the rebels, they might use the chemical weapons against Israel. We, in this country, invaded Iraq, lost over 4000 soldiers  and are nursing the deep wounds of 10’s of thousands of our soldiers as they were severely injured, physically or mentally, and spent over $100 billion, just to protect Israel from Saddam Hussein, and now, the Syrian President is sitting on a huge pile of chemical weapons which he might, one day, use against the Israelis, the American President and government will never allow that to happen, even if that meant plunging the country in another war and loosing countless soldiers and dollars in the process.

Mr. Obama and his Secretary of State kept claiming that they are protecting the American interest and the Syrian women and children, where in fact the American interest was never threatened and they couldn’t care less about the Syrian people, but wanted to protect Israel. Just like the war in Iraq, Saddam Hussein was never a threat to the US but was a big threat to Israel, and that’s, as the late Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story.

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