The Cheap Bastard

A man worked very hard all his life and saved a lot of money. He hated to spend money on anything and just loved to see his pile of cash gets higher everyday. In his last days he made his wife promise to bury all the money with him when he dies.

At his funeral, his wife told a friend of hers about the promise she made to her husband in his last days. Her friend said, you’re not going to do what that cheap bastard wanted you to, are you?

The wife replied I have to, I am a Christian woman and I don’t lie.

Just before the undertaker closed the casket, the wife yelled: wait… wait, she went to the casket and put a box in it, next to her husband’s dead body and said to the undertaker, now you can close it.

When she sat back down her friend asked her: did you just put all his money in that box?

The wife said: of course not. I put all the money in my bank account and wrote him a check which I put in the box!!

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