By: Hank Hardy

The Israeli’s repeatedly said, we cannot negotiate with the Palestinians because they form two separate and independent entities; The Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, and Hamas in Gaza. Neither of these groups represents the other, and neither can negotiate on behalf of the other. On June 2nd, 2014, the two factions of the Palestinian people decided, after long discussions and meetings, to unite and form one government that represents all the Palestinian people.

When heard the news, Benjamin Netanyahu went crazy and verbally attacked the unity very harshly, criticizing the involvement of Hamas. He set out to destroy the organization regardless of the cost in human lives and property to the people of Gaza. He was looking for a reason to attack Hamas and kill as many of the Palestinian people as he can.

On June 12, 2014, three Israeli boys were kidnapped and killed by an unknown person or persons. Until now it’s not known for certain who the responsible party is, but Benjamin Netanyahu found it to be his best opportunity to accuse Hamas of the kidnapping so he can kill more Palestinians and destroy more properties that belong to the poor people of Gaza. Many have suspected that the Israelis have kidnapped and killed the three boys so that they can accuse the Palestinians of this crime and go on another killing and destruction rampage.

There was a damning evidence that the Israelis have known about the killing of the boys for several days but decided to keep the news under rap until they conclude their criminal act against the people of Gaza. How did they know?? When one of the boys called his mother from his cell phone, the mother heard several shots and then the line went dead. She reported that to the Israeli authority. Also, as evidence of framing Hamas, the kidnappers made it a point for the mother to hear Arabic music in the back ground. If the boys were killed out in the open, who would carry a radio and turn it up so loud in order for the mother of that boy to hear it over the phone? Anyway, the settlers went crazy and grabbed the first Palestinian boy they found and forced him to drink gasoline and set him on fire.

Netanyahu is the world’s biggest coward and certainly the most ruthless criminal. He sits in his office in Jerusalem or in the United States and orders the killing of people in Gaza and the destruction of their buildings claiming that he is defending Israel. If there is justice in the world, he should be tried as war criminal, but we all know that there is no justice anywhere especially in our country when it comes to holding the Israelis accountable for their heinous crimes. Netanyahu is following in the footsteps of a previous, and equally cowardly and ruthless criminal named Areal Sharon who died in the worst way. He was in a vegetated state for 8 years before leaving this world. Maybe it’s God’s way of punishing this piece of trash on earth, and may Netanyahu die the same way and soon.

Some people mistakenly call it “the war between Gaza and Israel”. A war is a fight between two armies. This is not a war, this is a massacre. One side has the best equipped and trained army with a huge number of tanks, bombs, missiles and airplanes, and the other side has none of that. There are some people in Gaza who have guns and some home-made rockets that are very ineffective unless they directly hit an object or a person. The “brave” Israeli Soldiers marched in their tanks and armored vehicle inside Gaza and killed everyone they found in their way regardless of his age or gender, 2,200 Palestinian people have died needlessly. A large number of buildings were destroyed whether they were homes for the civilians or commercial building. The Israeli soldiers found the courage to go into Gaza after the “brave” pilots destroyed everything from the air. They called those buildings targets, and often destroyed them with people still in them. The Israelis claim that they warn the people to leave, giving them 2 minutes before they get bombed. How could a house or an apartment building be a military target? The Israeli Navy is no less “brave”!! They found 4 boys from Gaza playing on the beach and decided to kill them. The 10-12 year old kids were such a big threat to Israel, weren’t they? When it comes to killing civilians and destroying their homes and businesses, the Israeli soldiers are the best at their job.

Here’s an example of “the military targets” that the Israeli soldiers are proud to destroy.



Two more so called “military targets”, a block of residential buildings



The above pictures are what the Israelis love to see and proud to accomplish.


That’s what they call self defense. BUT:

What about the rockets?

Gaza was surrounded by the Israeli army from land and sea and constantly watched from the air. Every so often, the Israeli army in all its divisions goes on a killing and destruction spree, so the people of Gaza decided to build short ranged rockets to answer the Israelis when they go crazy and decide to kill more Palestinians and destroy their properties. Those rockets are locally made and are very ineffective unless they directly hit an object or a person. If you watch the news on regular bases, Hamas has never used those rockets unless they were provoked by the Israelis.

How are Hamas provoked?

Let me simplify the answer by this scenario. Imagine, just for a few seconds, that you are a small boy, minding your own business and playing with a small pocket knife. Suddenly, a huge man with a long sward comes to fight you. You ignore him for a while, and then he pokes you with his sword again and again until you get angry and take a swing at him with your small pocket knife. The huge man gets outraged and tells the whole world that you are trying to kill him with your knife, and he will be justified to defend himself and starts stabbing you and cutting you with his sword.

Here’s an example of how the Israelis provoke Hamas and almost force them to fire their rockets at them out of anger and frustration. Once a Palestinian retired leader, on a wheel chair was killed by a missile from an Israeli plane. Hamas members were very angry at this cowardly act and launched some rockets into Israel, after which the Israeli planes, tanks and ships attacked Gaza and killed 100’s of people and destroyed a large number of homes.

One other and very similar confrontation started when one of Hamas leaders was killed while sleeping in his apartment which was one in a several story apartment building. He was killed when the whole building was destroyed by a bomb from an Israeli plane killing everyone inside the building. If the Israelis cannot find an excuse to kill Palestinians and destroy their homes, they will create one. AND

What about those tunnels?

Gaza has been under siege for many years. The Israeli army and Navy are surrounding the strip from all sides. They stopped any and all shipments of food, medicine and everything else to reach the people of Gaza. They are literally trying to starve them to death and kill them from infection and disease. The people of Gaza thought that since they cannot travel on the ground or over the ground, then the only way to reach the outside and get what they need to survive is to go underground. They dug those tunnels to bring food, medicine and other necessary materials for their people. The Egyptian government was pressured to stop Gaza’s people from entering their country through the tunnels or across the border. When attacked savagely by the Israeli army during the month of August, Hamas decided to use some of those tunnels to attack back.

The Israeli policy toward the Palestinians is simple, and can be summarized in 3 steps:

  • Rob the Palestinians of their land at gun point and kill them if they resist. In this country, we call that “armed robbery”.
  • Give the people who decide to stay a choice; submit, leave or die.
  • Kill the ones who do not submit or leave.

President Obama said. No country should tolerate rockets being fired at them. Well Mr. President, how do you justify a nation being surrounded from all sides for several years by hustle forces that allows no food, no medicine, nothing to enter their territory. An act that you and your government support. Should any nation in the whole world tolerate that?? Where does our hypocrisy stop? There seems to be no limit to it!!

One of the Israelis who was born and raised in Jerusalem named Miko Peled wrote a book titled “The General’s Son”. This smart and courageous man decided to speak his mind and do what’s right. He exposed the scheme of the Israeli government and the false claims that they led people to believe. We highly recommend reading this book. Here’s a link to one of his lectures. You will also see a dynamic speaker by the name of Ranya Masri who puts things in perspective.

I can’t help but wonder, what happens if the fighters from Gaza were given the same amount and type of weapons that the Israeli army has, and let them fight against the Israelis. Should that happens, the question would not be who will win the fight but how fast and far the Israelis would run.

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