The Old Man and The Officer

A middle age gentleman got an urge one day to do something that he always wanted to do, but never had the courage. He bought himself a brand new Corvette from a dealership. While driving his brand new Corvette on the interstate, a highway patrolman pulled in behind the middle age man in an attempt to pull him over.

He thought to himself “I can outrun this cop” and floored the accelerator, quickly picking up speed and starting to pull away from the cop. All of a sudden the middle age man realized that he was no longer a kid, and pulled the car over and waited for the highway patrolman.

The highway patrolman walked up to the brand new car smiling. He said “It is about the end of my shift, and I don’t want any more paperwork than what I already have. If you can give me an excuse that I have not already heard today on why you were driving so fast, I will let you go without a ticket”.

The middle age man thought for a moment and then said “Well officer, about 10 years ago my wife ran off with a highway patrol and I just thought that you were trying to bring her back.”

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