By: Hank Hardy

A nick name for the United States of America is “The Melting Pot” because, with the exception of the Native Indians, everyone in this country either came from another country or his ancestors did. People came to the United States seeking a better life for themselves and their families and they found it here, that’s why this country is also nicknamed “The Land of Opportunity”.

With the new opportunities and new found freedom, most people consciously or
unconsciously, decided to forget about the rest of the world, adapting the mentality “if it doesn’t happen to me or around me, it doesn’t affect me”.

Unfortunately, with the new and better life comes complacency and ignorance. Just like a rich kid who says, I don’t need to go to college and waste money and time on education because my daddy is filthy rich and I can get all the money I need. It’s also unfortunate that we, the American people, can be easily manipulated and brainwashed. Most of us believe what we see and hear on TV and radio, or read in the newspapers or on the internet. It’s a golden opportunity for the evil doers to get their way and make us think that what they’re telling us is the truth even if it’s not, and their action is the right thing to do even if it’s the most despicable and underhanded thing they’ve ever done. Those people would lie to us time and time again and we still believe them, they prey on our gullibility and often win. Remember George Bush and Dick Chaney and all the lies they told us about Iraq and Saddam Hussein to justify invading that country?

That’s what happened in Palestine and Israel. The Israeli government and their allies in the United States, not only control our government, but they have a choke hold on every one of the congress members, whether they are Republicans or Democrats, in the Senate or the House of Representatives. How do they do that? They do it by bribery, intimidation and attack.

Please understand that we are not attacking the Jewish people, we’re merely explaining how the Israelis and their supporters in United States are manipulating us, the American people, and how they are lying to us and a large number of us still believe them. They are managing to control our hearts and minds and consequently our money and resources. Here’s how they do it:

They set out to control all sensitive and influential areas in our lives, mainly:

 GOVERNMENT: In the presidential and congressional elections, there’s always a candidate who’s a big supporter of Israel. The pro- Israel groups, headed by AIPAC (The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee), which I call the most dangerous organization in the country, donate huge sums of money to his campaign and promote him in every possible way. Sometimes he wins but often he does not. If he wins, they count on him to be their “yes man” in congress and vote as they dictate to him. Those candidates usually have no principles and no integrity. They are rather followers than leaders. But if he loses, they drop him like a hot potato.

The winning candidate is often showered with money and gifts to lure him to their side if he’s not already. If that tactic works, they’re happy, however; if he happened to be among the small minority who speaks his mind and does not yield under pressure then the third method is used on him which is the threat and intimidation. He would be threatened and promised with failure in the next election until he gives up and crosses over to their side. The best example to this fact is the last two presidential elections. Remember John McCain and Mit Romney? Both were puppets in the hands of the pro- Israel group. Both lost to Obama, not because they were lacking money or advertisements but rather for lack of honesty and integrity. Obama had the intellect, the charisma and the smarts that helped him win the hearts and minds of the American public and consequently, the election. The tremendous pleasure from those groups that he was under caused him to cater to their every need and demand. He felt that he had no choice but to back off and let them control the entire government, like they’ve always done, while he sat on the side line. One of his campaign promises, peace in the Middle East, was swept under the rug, because Israel simply does not want peace. There’s a lot of proof out there.

NEWS MEDIA: News reporters are bound by the code of ethics. They are to report the news and never take sides in any circumstances, however, when it comes to Israel and the Middle East, they seem to forget the truth and the ethics that they are suppose to uphold. All the news reported on TV, Radio and Newspapers is one sided. Guess who’s side they take? Israel’s side of course. They are not to express their personal opinion unless it’s to the benefit of Israel.

SHOW BUSINESS: Hollywood is infested with pro- Israel supporters who control every aspect of show business. Their influence is frightening and should be stopped or limited. A large numbers of movies were made to reflect their point of view, but when the British actress Vanessa Redgrave financed and promoted a movie about the Palestinians, she was booed, insulted and called every name in the book, even by her own sister.

The unwritten rule: In the United States, there is a rule that everyone who has a position in the government, news media, show business or any other field of influence has to abide by. This rule implies that if you have something to say to promote the Israeli agenda, you are free to announce it to the world, but if you have something to say that condemn Israel for some or all the criminal acts they’ve done, keep your mouth shut. If you don’t, you will be called anti-Semitic and prejudice among other unflattering descriptive adjectives. Remember the former President Jimmy Carter? While he was in office, the Israeli army went on a killing and destruction spree in the West Bank. The United Nations Security Council condemned Israel and all its members voted for the decision. United States normally vetoes such a decision, but the American representative was instructed to abstain. Jimmy Carter was heavily criticized and forced to apologize for not vetoing the Security Council’s decision.

There is no subject under the sun that everyone in government agrees on except Israel. When Israel wants money, weapons, support in the UN or anything else, everyone in the government, without exception, become a hypnotized zombie and votes yes, even if his heart and mind tell him otherwise. Everyone is scared to death to be called Anti-Semitic, or, heaven forbids, get the pro-Israel group angry at him. It’s been said that everyone in the Senate and House of Representatives starts planning strategies to win the next election as soon as he is announced the winner in the present election. He will be jeopardizing his future in the congress if he speaks his mind and decide to be ethical. The thought of losing the next election scares the day light out of him.

Where is it Mr. Obama? I am looking everywhere for it, but cannot find it anywhere. I am looking for your back-bone and that of the members of the congress. It seems that no one these days has a back-bone to stand up to Netanyahu and say, enough is enough. Stop the massacre in Gaza. Stop the destruction of the people’s homes and buildings. Mr. President, you have the courage to stand up to Russia and Putin but pretend that you are in a different world when it comes to Israel. They have no regards for you what so ever, they even don’t bother asking for your approval to get more weapons, they just go directly to the Pentagon and submit their shopping list. You need to wake up first then help other people do the same. So far you’ve been a disappointment. You are letting the Israelis and the Republicans walk all over you and you’re still trying to please them. Don’t be another George Bush, the country’s worst president ever. You have no more elections to worry about losing. What are you afraid of? History will judge you for your actions. Make them count in the good column not the bad.

In an interview with George W. Bush, just before leaving office, he said “I leave with my head held high”. Wrong again Mr. George. I think you and your buddy tricky Dickey, should have your heads tucked between your legs for all the shame you brought upon this country, for all the loss of lives and limbs you inflicted on our soldiers, for all the money you spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that could’ve and should’ve been used locally, for all the loss of lives and destruction of properties you unnecessarily inflicted on the Iraqis, for all the lies you told us to justify invading that country. All that evil doing, just to protect the Israelis. I think all living presidents for the past 50 years should walk around with paper bags over their heads for all the shame they brought onto our country.

We annually hand Israel on a gold platter everything they ask for, from billions of dollars of cash to more billions of dollars of arms and weapons to technology also worth billions of dollars to…. to…..etc. what we get in return is a net of spiest Israel hires to steel our secrets and technology and send them to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Remember Jonathan Pollard? He is one of the spies that were caught and now serving a jail sentence for spying for Israel. Israeli officials are working diligently behind the scenes to free him. It seems that our government might finally cave in and free him. Some radicals like Alan Dershowitz, the Harvard Law Professor, try to soften the blow and say, at least he is spying for a friendly country. It’s like if you get stabbed in the back by your best friend and your friend’s father says at least he was stabbed by a friend. Does that stab hurt less? I don’t think so. On the contrary, it hurts much more because it came from someone you trusted and helped a great deal.

We, the American people are like the sleeping giant, who has a lot of power but does not use it because, you guessed it, he’s always sleeping.  We need to WAKE UP, before it’s too late, and realize the danger that is lingering around us which one day will destroy us.

Here are some interesting URL’s from theNATIONAL SUMMIT TO REASSESS THE U.S. – ISRAEL “SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP”.   . Just copy and paste in your browser address bar.






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