By: Andy Christopher




When George W. Bush was a president of this country, he was nothing more than a puppet in the hands of his so called vise president, Dick Cheney, who was actually making the decisions on most, if not all, matters that affected not only our country but other countries around the world, especially in the Middle East. It seems that the only question G.W. used to ask is: where do I sign? I was watching an interview with Cheney about Iraq during which he said: when I decided to invade Iraq!!! I was wondering, what about your boss? Doesn’t he get to decide anything?

So, when Cheney decided to invade Iraq, he sent our soldiers to fight in a place they don’t need to be in, killing and getting killed by people they don’t know. People who have done absolutely nothing to them. The damage done to the country of Iraq is in the Billions if not trillions of dollars, and the pain and suffering inflicted on the natives is beyond belief, just because Mr. Cheney wanted to please and protect the Israelis, who are the only people benefited from this ungodly war. Well, Dick Cheney himself became hugely wealthy, because he awarded all the contracts for work in Iraq to his company, Halliburton. I often wonder, if Donald Trump is called “The Donald”, what should Dick Cheney be called? That name fits him to the T.

Chris Kyle was among the soldiers deployed to Iraq. He was a Navy Seal and one of the best sharp shooters in the American Armed forces. Upon returning to the US, he was interviewed many times on TV, and several stories were told about him. Clint Eastwood directed a movie about his life and his time in the army. The movie “The American Sniper” became a block buster and one of the highest grossing movies of all times. Chris Kyle was considered a hero by many for killing over 160 of the so called “enemy”, and not a hero by many others for the way he killed those people.

A hero is a person who does something out of the ordinary (heroic), often risking his life in the process. Chris Kyle used to lie down on his belly over a rooftop waiting for some “enemy” person to pass by and shoots him. What’s heroic about that? His life was never in danger! He did not fight anyone or get shot at by anyone! Because no one can see him. He just shoots and kills his subjects from a rooftop. In my opinion, he was not a hero. Maybe not a zero either, but very close to it. Also, in my opinion, he should be considered a hero, not for his killings in Iraq, but for reaching out to his fellow soldiers in the US who needed help financially and psychologically, one of whom killed him at close range.


By: Hank Hardy

Until 1948, the Jews were scattered all over the world. They have never had a country of their own anywhere.  Some countries tolerated them on their soil but many did not. We all know what happened to them in Germany and Austria. One of the countries they lived in was Palestine. They were one group of people who called Palestine home.  Romans, Palestinians and many others lived in the country as well. Their golden opportunity to establish a country of their own arose when Balfour, the foreign minister of Great Britain announced his support for the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine in his infamous document called “The Balfour Declaration”, issued on November 2nd, 1917. Given a choice of any location in the world, they chose Palestine because it’s “The Holy Land” and they falsely claim that this land belongs to them. Let’s dig a little deeper and analyze this baseless claim which they use to justify taking the land and homes from the Palestinians. They claim that:

1) They were evicted from their home land by the Romans and now they’re coming back to claim what’s theirs.

The Jews in Palestine fought against the Romans in Palestine and lost. Consequently, their number was reduced drastically, however; they remained in their homes but the frightened ones decided to leave.

2) The Israelis bought the land they are occupying now.

The biggest sin for the Palestinian people is selling land to the Israelis. Palestinians would prefer death over selling land to the enemy. The ruined reputation and shame would follow a seller to the day he dies and beyond. The Israelis managed somehow to buy some land from the Palestinians totaling less than 3% of the land they own.

3) God wanted them to have this land which they called “The Promised Land”.

Let’s tackle the answer to this claim on two fronts. You either believe in God or you don’t.

  1. If you believe in God, then you believe that we are all his children, and in his eyes, we are all equal. He is the pinnacle of Justice and equal rights to all. No one is preferred just because he is rich or poor, tall or short, belong to one nationality or another, belong to one religion or another. The only people preferred in the eyes of God are the people who obey him, pray to him, treat other people humanly, and overall good people. So, how could he prefer Jews over other people? How could he favor the Israelis and promise them the land of other people? And, what about the people who originally owned the land? Did God tell the Israelis to murder them by the hundreds, or even by the thousands? DOES THAT SOUND LIKE JUSTICE? DOES THAT SOUND LIKE BEEING EQUAL? AND MOST OF ALL, DOES THAT SOUND LIKE GOD? The massacres that the Zionists committed against the Palestinians in one village after another will never be forgotten by the Palestinians or the true historians. Do those Zionists look like people God wants to reward and favor over others?
  2. If you don’t believe in God, then you don’t believe any of this “hog wash” lies that the Israelis are spreading around in regard to the so called “promised land”.

No matter how you look at it, the land of Palestine does not belong to the Israelis who took it from its rightful owners by force. Netanyahu recently announced the annexation of another Palestinian village. The demolishing of the homes in that village is underway in preparation for building Israeli settlements.


By: Hank Hardy

The country of Israel was founded in 1948 after many years of fighting with the Palestinians, the rightful owners of the land that’s now called Israel. Here’s a bit of history on the area and how the country of Israel was formed.

Many many years ago, big and powerful countries used to occupy (colonize) other smaller and much weaker countries around the world in order to spread their influence and steel the resources of the occupied country. The occupiers used to enforce their rules, language and culture on the occupied countries. France occupied Lebanon, Algeria and many others. Italy occupied Libya. But by far, the biggest and most powerful country was Great Britain which occupied and controlled a large number of countries around world, big and small. It’s been said that “THE SUN DOES NOT SET ON THE BRITISH EMPIRE”, meaning that if it’s night time in one part of the British Colonies, it will be day light in another part of the empire across the world. When the people of the occupied country protest to the occupation, they are dealt with very harshly and brutally, but when the occupied country revolts and causes a great deal of trouble to the intruders, the latter packs up and leaves, often assigning the leadership to one of their followers so they can maintain control over that country.

As we all know, The United States of America was one of the British colonies until this country revolted against the British and, under the leadership of George Washington, went into a war against the British and kicked them out in 1776, when we became independent. Two of the main traits that the British left behind are THE LANGUAGE and THE MEASUREMENT SYSTEM. The language was OK but the English measurement system is inferior to the Metric System which is used all over the world. Countries around the world, even Great Britain, converted to the Metric System, but for some strange reason our leaders refused to change. While a president, Jimmy Carter started the conversion to the Metric System, but when Ronald Reagan took office, he stopped and reversed the process. This topic was discussed in details in another post on this website.

On November 2nd, 1917, Arthur James Balfour, the foreign minister of Great Britain, issued his infamous “The Balfour Declaration”, which is a letter from Balfour to Lord Rothschild, the president of the British Zionist Federation. In it, Balfour declared his support to the Zionists to establish a Jewish State in Palestine. Why Palestine? Because it’s the most desirable and holy area in the world. The Jews were scattered all over the world and wanted desperately to establish a country for themselves. The Zionists also claim that the land belongs to them because some Jews used to live in Palestine along with many other groups of people like the Romans and the Palestinians. In the war between the Palestinians and the Zionists intruders, the Zionists won due to the support of the British, and On May 5th, 1948 the country of Israel was officially established in the Land of Palestine.

Q: Why did Balfour decided to grant his approval and support for the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine?

A: During World War 1, Germany (Britain’s enemy during WW1) cornered the production of acetone, an important ingredient of arm production. Great Britain may have lost the war if Chaim Weismann had not invented a fermentation process that allowed the British to manufacture their own liquid acetone. Chaim Weismann was not just a scientist; he was also the leader of the British Zionist movement.

Q: How did the Zionists won the war so easily against the Palestinians?

A: As we mentioned above, Palestine was occupied by Great Britain. The British imposed a martial law in the country, which prohibited the Palestinians from owning weapons of any kind. The same law is imposed in Palestine now by the Israelis. The Zionists used to receive loads of automatic weapons under the watchful eyes of the British soldiers. Between 1917 and 1948 the Zionists committed one massacre after another against the Palestinians in order to force them out of their homes and land. They used to transport those whom they did not kill by the truck loads and dump them across the Jordan River to live in tents, in refugee camps instead of their own homes which the Zionist Jews have taken for themselves. In his book “The General’s Son”, Miko Peled, the son of a high ranking general in the Israeli army says: when the Palestinians were forced to leave their homes in Jerusalem, his father was offered a very nice Palestinian house that has just been vacated. Miko states that when they entered the house, the coffee was still worm in the coffee pot. His mother said: I can never live in a house where another mother used to live with her family.

Here’s the 64 Million dollar question,

Q: Does Israel have the right to exist?

A: This is a two part question.

  • The Jewish people. People are people. Everyone in this world has a right to live regardless of their origin, religion, nationality, color or what part of the world they live in. No one has the right to kill another in order to take his property, not even the Israelis.
  • The country of Israel. When one steels someone else’s property, or robs him of it at gun point or even kills him for it, does that property become legally his? That’s exactly how the country of Israel came to be. The Zionists Jews killed a great deal of Palestinians, robbed them at gun point and took their homes from them. Does that land and those homes become legitimately theirs? I think not.

SO, DOES ISRAEL HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXIST?? AS PEOPLE…YES, AS A COUNTRY…ABSOLUTELY NOT, unless robbing people of their homes and land becomes legal, then the answer becomes yes.

Are We Free?? Really Free??

By: Hank Hardy

If you hire a reporter and tell him to go downtown any city or town in the country and ask people in random a simple question and get their reaction to it and to the answers they give. The question is: ARE WE FREE? Here are some of the answers he will get.

  • Of course we are. What kind of question is this?
  • Sure we are. We are the “most free” nation on earth.
  • Is that a trick question?
  • This question is so stupid. If we are not free, no one in the world is.

And countless similar responses. However, let’s dig a little deeper for the true answer. We are not talking about some off the wall action of freedom like running naked in the middle of the street, or going to a crowded theater and yelling fire..etc.

Believe it or not, we, the common pubic, have more freedom to say or do most anything we want than those in the government especially the President of this country and the so called congress.

I would love to conduct an experiment by going to the White House and both houses of congress and gather all the Senators and House Representatives and on top of them all, the President of The United States, and without them knowing, give them “the truth serum” and ask them the same question…ARE YOU FREE? Free to say what’s on your mind? Free to do what you think is the right thing? And if the answer is no…Then WHY?

If the “truth serum” works and really takes effect on those people, 100% of them will answer NO. If one of those people in the government speaks his/her mind and try to be brave, they will kiss their re-election good bye, because our government is controlled by lobbyists 99% of the times. The majority of our elected officials in Washington do not run for office to serve the people of this country, as they claim. They want desperately to go to the capital for the benefits and perks they receive once they get there. Why would someone spend millions of dollars on a campaign, and countless number of days trying to convince people to vote for him, knowing that during his term in office, his salary will never equal to, or even come close to the huge sums of money he spent on the election if he doesn’t know for a fact that his privileges and perks will far exceed his cost in time and money.

When a Senator or a congressman is given a lavish vacation for him and his family in one of the most exclusive resorts, with all expenses paid by a large company such as a drug, food or any other type of big business, or if he was given an expensive gift by that company through their lobbyists, he is owned by them, and when it’s time to vote on a bill that affects that company, how do you think he is going to vote? One of Obama’s campaign promises in 2008 was to get rid of the lobbyists. In that area he failed miserably. Apparently, he did not know what he was up against.

The law in this country specifically states that bribes are illegal. But bribery and corruption are alive and well in our government. The Senators and congressmen quickly found a loop hole that allows them to accept bribes in other forms such as gifts and vacations. When a senator or a member of the house gets elected, they don’t think about the many ways of serving the country, they immediately start making plans to get re-elected in the next election.

Almost every big business has lobbyists in congress. Not only domestic businesses have them, but other countries have lobbyists as well. No company, domestic or foreign, and no country in the world has as many lobbyists and influence as Israel. In fact they have an organization in Washington DC called “American Israeli Public Affairs Committee” (AIPAC). It’s the most dangerous organization in America, because they control our government from the President all the way down to the smallest employee. It’s been described in Wikipedia as one of the most powerful lobbying groups in Washington, DC. Its critics have stated, it acts as an agent of the Israeli government with a “stranglehold” on the United States Congress.

No one in congress, not even the president of the United States would dare to criticize this organization due to their power and influence on our government. They don’t ask for donations and military aid for Israel, they demand it and get it. Our tax dollars go to pay for expensive weapons and equipments to Israel and we can do or say nothing about it. These weapons are used to kill innocent people and destroy their homes and we do nothing but watch. We, the United States, send Israel around $10 Billion every year while we have people who sleep on the street and have no food to eat. You and I, the common people, can say whatever we please but those in the government know better than to voice their honest opinions on matters that count.

So, to answer the question posed in the title of this article, ARE WE FREE? The answer would have to be yes and no. Yes to the people and no to the government, where it actually counts.


By: Andrew McCoy

When companies hire new employees, they look for people who qualify for the job they need to fill. Such qualifications could be the ability of the employee to do the job, have a pleasant personality and good character, and above all, have MORAL VALUE which entails honesty and integrity and basically do the right thing at all times. Employers often check the background and work ethics of the prospective employees before hiring them.

When the government is looking for people to fill positions in the Senate, or House of Representatives, and of course the President, they hold elections and the winners get to fill those positions. What’s interesting is that none of those elected officials have to pass the “Morality Test”. When company employees make decisions, their action could affect the well being of that company, but when Senators or congress persons make a decision, their action could affect the entire country and sometimes its relationships with other countries around the world.

When people go to vote for an official in the government, 9 times out of 10 they know little or nothing about that person’s character, other than what they’ve heard and read about him/her on TV, newspaper or other media sources. If the candidates have deep pockets, they could falsely advertise great things about themselves and horrible things about their opponents and people often believe them. They would do and say anything that could help them win the election. And if they don’t have deep pockets, they often associate themselves with those who do around the country, promising them to do whatever they want if they make large donations to their campaign. Large campaign donations and promises to politicians of paid vacation to luxury resorts and expensive gifts during and after the elections are what’s known as “legal bribes”. Though the law does not forbid it, and it should, they are still BRIBES, and will definitely compromise the politicians’ integrity. That’s of course if they had any to begin with.

Large companies and countries get their way in congress by bribing its members with all kinds of perks that are valued from several thousands to several millions of dollars. They do that through their lobbyists. No company or country is as successful in bribing the members of congress as Israel. They, through their lobbyists and other organizations like AIPAC, have mastered the art of buying people who in turn award them with 10’s, 100’s, 1000’s or even millions of times of the money they receive.

While we, in this country, have a huge deficit, we continue to send Israel, every year, billions of dollars worth of the most modern weapons ever invented. In addition to all the expensive weapons, we give them billions of dollars in cash to improve their economy, build illegal settlements and kill innocent people.

It never seizes to amaze me, how we, in the United States, care so much about human lives and cherish our land and yet we kill innocent Palestinians in Gaza and the West bank for no reason and allow the Israelis to rob them of their land.  All in the name of self defense.

What’s that?? You’re saying we did not kill Palestinian, the Israelis did!!

Well… let me ask you, who provided those Israelis with those lethal weapons to kill with??

The person who gives a mad man a gun is just as guilty as the mad man who uses the gun to kill with.

Please don’t misunderstand me. When I say we, I mean our government officials, not the people of this country. The average American person has no idea that he/she is contributing to the murders that the Israelis are committing on daily bases, and for that we cannot fault them but our immoral congress and government officials are just as guilty as the murderous Israelis.

Every President in recent history called for human rights, but when it comes to the Palestinian people, no one cares about their rights. It’s OK to kill their people, destroy their homes and rob them of their land as long as the Israelis are satisfied, right Mr. President and Mr. / Ms. Congress person? Where’s the morality in that??

Every year we donate millions if not billions of dollars to help people around the world who are suffering from poverty and hunger but when it comes to the Palestinians in Gaza who lost their homes and who have been strangled by the Israeli army’s imposed siege, just because they are Palestinians, we tend to ignore them and pretend that they don’t matter. Where is the morality in that Mr. or Ms. Congress person?

When a country, big or small, suffers from a natural disaster like an earthquake, a flood or a hurricane, billions of dollars’ worth of food, medicine, clothing, building materials and basically anything needed to alleviate the pain and suffering of the people in the stricken countries, from all over the world pour into that country. But when the Israelis used their fighter jets, missiles, bombs and other deadly and destructive weapons that we gave them, to kill innocent Palestinians in Gaza, no one dared to donate a single dollar to help them cope with their “man made“ disaster. The United Nations sent several planes’ loads of food to Gaza which were stored in a huge warehouse pending distribution to the starving men, women and children. The Israeli fighter jets bombed the warehouse destroying everything in it. This is the morality of Netanyahu and the Israeli thugs in his government.


By: Hank Hardy

By reading some of our articles, some people may wrongly think that we are against all Jews, who ever they are and where ever they are. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We are however, against Zionism and the State of Israel which abides by the teaching and the value, or lack of, of the Zionism.  There are a large number of Jews in and out of Israel who preach against Zionism and openly criticize the movement. Those, who are not afraid to speak their mind and expose the truth, have my highest admiration and respect. Here are a few of them:

Miko Peled: This great man was born and raised in Jerusalem. Please click on the link below to learn more about him and his message to the world.

Jeff Halper: An American born professor. Co-founder and director of ICAHD-USA.

Henry Siegman: Jewish American Rabbi, born in Frankfort, Germany.

There are many other Jews with good conscious who speak their mind and voice their opinion and devote their efforts to justice and peace, against the Israeli government’s


By: Toby Schill

In a recent interview with Joan Rivers, the supposedly comedian, at the airport; the reporter asked her about the war in Gaza; Joan went off the handle and was angry at the reporter for asking her such a question. She said that if New Jersey was firing rockets at New York we would wipe them out; and when she was asked about the civilian casualties she said they started it, meaning, they deserve it.

Well Ms. Rivers, if anyone told you that you are a beautiful, intelligent and well informed woman, tell him he’s lying on all counts. Just remind him that you cannot even talk because of the extra dose of Botox in your face and mouth. Show him your swelled up face and how your lips don’t move when you talk because of all the Botox which you used to make you look younger and prettier but did not work.

In regard to being intelligent and well informed, well…your comments show your stupidity and ignorance. No need to explain any further. And if “that someone” ever said that you’re easy to live with, just remind him that your husband, Edgar, committed suicide rather than look at your face every day or sleep in your bed every night. Also remind him how you and your daughter, Melisa, constantly fight over the most trivial things.

Here are the facts, Joany, that you knew or should have known but decided to ignore or lie about.  The Palestinians did not start it, and they do not deserve to be killed and have their homes destroyed by the biggest liar and coward, your friend Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli’s are the ones who started it when they sent their fighter jets and dropped bombs and fired missiles on the unsuspecting people of Gaza killing around 2000 of them and destroying their buildings and homes. Is that too complicated for you to understand? I thought so.

Back to the reporter, I think that he is just as stupid as Ms. Rivers. Just tell me Mr. Reporter, how in the world do you expect an intelligent answer from a stupid woman? Can’t you find more informed, well versed people to interview? You should be fired for your lack of sound judgement on who to interview.