By: Andrew McCoy

When companies hire new employees, they look for people who qualify for the job they need to fill. Such qualifications could be the ability of the employee to do the job, have a pleasant personality and good character, and above all, have MORAL VALUE which entails honesty and integrity and basically do the right thing at all times. Employers often check the background and work ethics of the prospective employees before hiring them.

When the government is looking for people to fill positions in the Senate, or House of Representatives, and of course the President, they hold elections and the winners get to fill those positions. What’s interesting is that none of those elected officials have to pass the “Morality Test”. When company employees make decisions, their action could affect the well being of that company, but when Senators or congress persons make a decision, their action could affect the entire country and sometimes its relationships with other countries around the world.

When people go to vote for an official in the government, 9 times out of 10 they know little or nothing about that person’s character, other than what they’ve heard and read about him/her on TV, newspaper or other media sources. If the candidates have deep pockets, they could falsely advertise great things about themselves and horrible things about their opponents and people often believe them. They would do and say anything that could help them win the election. And if they don’t have deep pockets, they often associate themselves with those who do around the country, promising them to do whatever they want if they make large donations to their campaign. Large campaign donations and promises to politicians of paid vacation to luxury resorts and expensive gifts during and after the elections are what’s known as “legal bribes”. Though the law does not forbid it, and it should, they are still BRIBES, and will definitely compromise the politicians’ integrity. That’s of course if they had any to begin with.

Large companies and countries get their way in congress by bribing its members with all kinds of perks that are valued from several thousands to several millions of dollars. They do that through their lobbyists. No company or country is as successful in bribing the members of congress as Israel. They, through their lobbyists and other organizations like AIPAC, have mastered the art of buying people who in turn award them with 10’s, 100’s, 1000’s or even millions of times of the money they receive.

While we, in this country, have a huge deficit, we continue to send Israel, every year, billions of dollars worth of the most modern weapons ever invented. In addition to all the expensive weapons, we give them billions of dollars in cash to improve their economy, build illegal settlements and kill innocent people.

It never seizes to amaze me, how we, in the United States, care so much about human lives and cherish our land and yet we kill innocent Palestinians in Gaza and the West bank for no reason and allow the Israelis to rob them of their land.  All in the name of self defense.

What’s that?? You’re saying we did not kill Palestinian, the Israelis did!!

Well… let me ask you, who provided those Israelis with those lethal weapons to kill with??

The person who gives a mad man a gun is just as guilty as the mad man who uses the gun to kill with.

Please don’t misunderstand me. When I say we, I mean our government officials, not the people of this country. The average American person has no idea that he/she is contributing to the murders that the Israelis are committing on daily bases, and for that we cannot fault them but our immoral congress and government officials are just as guilty as the murderous Israelis.

Every President in recent history called for human rights, but when it comes to the Palestinian people, no one cares about their rights. It’s OK to kill their people, destroy their homes and rob them of their land as long as the Israelis are satisfied, right Mr. President and Mr. / Ms. Congress person? Where’s the morality in that??

Every year we donate millions if not billions of dollars to help people around the world who are suffering from poverty and hunger but when it comes to the Palestinians in Gaza who lost their homes and who have been strangled by the Israeli army’s imposed siege, just because they are Palestinians, we tend to ignore them and pretend that they don’t matter. Where is the morality in that Mr. or Ms. Congress person?

When a country, big or small, suffers from a natural disaster like an earthquake, a flood or a hurricane, billions of dollars’ worth of food, medicine, clothing, building materials and basically anything needed to alleviate the pain and suffering of the people in the stricken countries, from all over the world pour into that country. But when the Israelis used their fighter jets, missiles, bombs and other deadly and destructive weapons that we gave them, to kill innocent Palestinians in Gaza, no one dared to donate a single dollar to help them cope with their “man made“ disaster. The United Nations sent several planes’ loads of food to Gaza which were stored in a huge warehouse pending distribution to the starving men, women and children. The Israeli fighter jets bombed the warehouse destroying everything in it. This is the morality of Netanyahu and the Israeli thugs in his government.

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