By: Toby Schill

In a recent interview with Joan Rivers, the supposedly comedian, at the airport; the reporter asked her about the war in Gaza; Joan went off the handle and was angry at the reporter for asking her such a question. She said that if New Jersey was firing rockets at New York we would wipe them out; and when she was asked about the civilian casualties she said they started it, meaning, they deserve it.

Well Ms. Rivers, if anyone told you that you are a beautiful, intelligent and well informed woman, tell him he’s lying on all counts. Just remind him that you cannot even talk because of the extra dose of Botox in your face and mouth. Show him your swelled up face and how your lips don’t move when you talk because of all the Botox which you used to make you look younger and prettier but did not work.

In regard to being intelligent and well informed, well…your comments show your stupidity and ignorance. No need to explain any further. And if “that someone” ever said that you’re easy to live with, just remind him that your husband, Edgar, committed suicide rather than look at your face every day or sleep in your bed every night. Also remind him how you and your daughter, Melisa, constantly fight over the most trivial things.

Here are the facts, Joany, that you knew or should have known but decided to ignore or lie about.  The Palestinians did not start it, and they do not deserve to be killed and have their homes destroyed by the biggest liar and coward, your friend Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli’s are the ones who started it when they sent their fighter jets and dropped bombs and fired missiles on the unsuspecting people of Gaza killing around 2000 of them and destroying their buildings and homes. Is that too complicated for you to understand? I thought so.

Back to the reporter, I think that he is just as stupid as Ms. Rivers. Just tell me Mr. Reporter, how in the world do you expect an intelligent answer from a stupid woman? Can’t you find more informed, well versed people to interview? You should be fired for your lack of sound judgement on who to interview.

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