Are We Free?? Really Free??

By: Hank Hardy

If you hire a reporter and tell him to go downtown any city or town in the country and ask people in random a simple question and get their reaction to it and to the answers they give. The question is: ARE WE FREE? Here are some of the answers he will get.

  • Of course we are. What kind of question is this?
  • Sure we are. We are the “most free” nation on earth.
  • Is that a trick question?
  • This question is so stupid. If we are not free, no one in the world is.

And countless similar responses. However, let’s dig a little deeper for the true answer. We are not talking about some off the wall action of freedom like running naked in the middle of the street, or going to a crowded theater and yelling fire..etc.

Believe it or not, we, the common pubic, have more freedom to say or do most anything we want than those in the government especially the President of this country and the so called congress.

I would love to conduct an experiment by going to the White House and both houses of congress and gather all the Senators and House Representatives and on top of them all, the President of The United States, and without them knowing, give them “the truth serum” and ask them the same question…ARE YOU FREE? Free to say what’s on your mind? Free to do what you think is the right thing? And if the answer is no…Then WHY?

If the “truth serum” works and really takes effect on those people, 100% of them will answer NO. If one of those people in the government speaks his/her mind and try to be brave, they will kiss their re-election good bye, because our government is controlled by lobbyists 99% of the times. The majority of our elected officials in Washington do not run for office to serve the people of this country, as they claim. They want desperately to go to the capital for the benefits and perks they receive once they get there. Why would someone spend millions of dollars on a campaign, and countless number of days trying to convince people to vote for him, knowing that during his term in office, his salary will never equal to, or even come close to the huge sums of money he spent on the election if he doesn’t know for a fact that his privileges and perks will far exceed his cost in time and money.

When a Senator or a congressman is given a lavish vacation for him and his family in one of the most exclusive resorts, with all expenses paid by a large company such as a drug, food or any other type of big business, or if he was given an expensive gift by that company through their lobbyists, he is owned by them, and when it’s time to vote on a bill that affects that company, how do you think he is going to vote? One of Obama’s campaign promises in 2008 was to get rid of the lobbyists. In that area he failed miserably. Apparently, he did not know what he was up against.

The law in this country specifically states that bribes are illegal. But bribery and corruption are alive and well in our government. The Senators and congressmen quickly found a loop hole that allows them to accept bribes in other forms such as gifts and vacations. When a senator or a member of the house gets elected, they don’t think about the many ways of serving the country, they immediately start making plans to get re-elected in the next election.

Almost every big business has lobbyists in congress. Not only domestic businesses have them, but other countries have lobbyists as well. No company, domestic or foreign, and no country in the world has as many lobbyists and influence as Israel. In fact they have an organization in Washington DC called “American Israeli Public Affairs Committee” (AIPAC). It’s the most dangerous organization in America, because they control our government from the President all the way down to the smallest employee. It’s been described in Wikipedia as one of the most powerful lobbying groups in Washington, DC. Its critics have stated, it acts as an agent of the Israeli government with a “stranglehold” on the United States Congress.

No one in congress, not even the president of the United States would dare to criticize this organization due to their power and influence on our government. They don’t ask for donations and military aid for Israel, they demand it and get it. Our tax dollars go to pay for expensive weapons and equipments to Israel and we can do or say nothing about it. These weapons are used to kill innocent people and destroy their homes and we do nothing but watch. We, the United States, send Israel around $10 Billion every year while we have people who sleep on the street and have no food to eat. You and I, the common people, can say whatever we please but those in the government know better than to voice their honest opinions on matters that count.

So, to answer the question posed in the title of this article, ARE WE FREE? The answer would have to be yes and no. Yes to the people and no to the government, where it actually counts.

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