By: Hank Hardy

Until 1948, the Jews were scattered all over the world. They have never had a country of their own anywhere.  Some countries tolerated them on their soil but many did not. We all know what happened to them in Germany and Austria. One of the countries they lived in was Palestine. They were one group of people who called Palestine home.  Romans, Palestinians and many others lived in the country as well. Their golden opportunity to establish a country of their own arose when Balfour, the foreign minister of Great Britain announced his support for the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine in his infamous document called “The Balfour Declaration”, issued on November 2nd, 1917. Given a choice of any location in the world, they chose Palestine because it’s “The Holy Land” and they falsely claim that this land belongs to them. Let’s dig a little deeper and analyze this baseless claim which they use to justify taking the land and homes from the Palestinians. They claim that:

1) They were evicted from their home land by the Romans and now they’re coming back to claim what’s theirs.

The Jews in Palestine fought against the Romans in Palestine and lost. Consequently, their number was reduced drastically, however; they remained in their homes but the frightened ones decided to leave.

2) The Israelis bought the land they are occupying now.

The biggest sin for the Palestinian people is selling land to the Israelis. Palestinians would prefer death over selling land to the enemy. The ruined reputation and shame would follow a seller to the day he dies and beyond. The Israelis managed somehow to buy some land from the Palestinians totaling less than 3% of the land they own.

3) God wanted them to have this land which they called “The Promised Land”.

Let’s tackle the answer to this claim on two fronts. You either believe in God or you don’t.

  1. If you believe in God, then you believe that we are all his children, and in his eyes, we are all equal. He is the pinnacle of Justice and equal rights to all. No one is preferred just because he is rich or poor, tall or short, belong to one nationality or another, belong to one religion or another. The only people preferred in the eyes of God are the people who obey him, pray to him, treat other people humanly, and overall good people. So, how could he prefer Jews over other people? How could he favor the Israelis and promise them the land of other people? And, what about the people who originally owned the land? Did God tell the Israelis to murder them by the hundreds, or even by the thousands? DOES THAT SOUND LIKE JUSTICE? DOES THAT SOUND LIKE BEEING EQUAL? AND MOST OF ALL, DOES THAT SOUND LIKE GOD? The massacres that the Zionists committed against the Palestinians in one village after another will never be forgotten by the Palestinians or the true historians. Do those Zionists look like people God wants to reward and favor over others?
  2. If you don’t believe in God, then you don’t believe any of this “hog wash” lies that the Israelis are spreading around in regard to the so called “promised land”.

No matter how you look at it, the land of Palestine does not belong to the Israelis who took it from its rightful owners by force. Netanyahu recently announced the annexation of another Palestinian village. The demolishing of the homes in that village is underway in preparation for building Israeli settlements.

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