By: Toby Schill

Howard Stern is the radio personality that has the biggest and loudest mouth in the country. His sentences are full of profanities and disgusting phrases. His program lacks substance and he lacks the intellect. He is one of those people that you feel like to puke after listening to him for a few minutes.

There is a televised annual contest for the ugliest dog in the country. If there’s a similar contest for the ugliest man in the country, Howard Stern will be the undisputed champion year after year, hands down.  With his pointed nose and pointed chin, he could very easily be mistaken for the “wicked witch of the west”. The producers and casting directors of the “Wizard of Oz” should seriously consider him for the role, if they ever considered re-making this movie, or a replacement of the witch, should the main one gets ill or for some reason was dismissed from the movie. In an interview with him, he jokingly said that he is so ugly and that’s the reason he’s on the radio not TV. When he’s on TV he hides behind long kinky hair and dark sun glasses.

I did not write this article to insult Howard’s looks or intellect, because he doesn’t have much of either, but rather to exploit his bias and stupidity. I never listen to radio hosts who lack substance and good common sense, but once, while driving a long distance, I was changing stations on the radio to find one that I can listen to, and the dial accidentally landed on the station broadcasting Howard’s show. Because I was watching the traffic and making a turn, I left the dial on that station for a few minutes. Howard was having a one of his “Palestinians’ bashing episodes”. He was taking calls from listeners when one disagreed with him and challenged his statements. Howard showed his stupidity by insulting the caller using every foul word in the English language while screaming and yelling at the caller as if he was trying to scare him with his loud voice.

Another caller that Howard liked, agreed with him because both on the same level of ignorance. The caller made an outrageous statement during the conversation, he said “those Palestinians have to go”. I wanted to reach inside the radio and grab that miserable soul by the neck and shake him as hard as I can to knock some sense into his empty head. I wanted to tell him that they are living in their homes, where do you want them to go? The Israelis are the intruders. They came from Europe, Russia, Africa and other parts of the world to Palestine for one purpose only which’s to kill the Palestinians and take their homes and land. They are the ones who must go.

Recently, Howard Stern viciously attacked the famous singer Roger Waters for supporting the boycott of the Israeli products and criticizing Bon Jovi for having a concert in Israel. As you can imagine, he used in his insults the F-word and the S-word and every foul word he can think of. In his rant, he asked Waters this question: where do you like to send the Jews, you shit head? It’s true that a person shows his intelligence or ignorance only when he opens his mouth and Howard is known to be seriously deficient on intelligence so he displayed his ignorance and stupidity. Roger Waters was not talking about the Jews, he was talking about the Israelis who murder Palestinians, steel their resources and, at gun point, rob them of their land. Howard continued to say: the Palestinians could go to Egypt or any other Arabic country but nobody wants them. I would like to ask Mr. Stupid a question. I don’t speak Howard Language but if I do, I would phrase the question in this manner: The Palestinians are living in their homes… asshole, why do they have to leave their country and hand it to the Israelis on a silver platter? And why is it OK, in your book… Mr. Shit head, for the fucking Israelis to kill the Palestinians and take their land and homes. You are truly nothing but a piece of shit. How would you like it if someone tells you to pick up your sorry ass and move to Canada or England leaving your home and multi million bank account behind? I am glad I don’t speak Howard’s language.

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