By: Hank Hardy

The country of Israel was founded in 1948 after many years of fighting with the Palestinians, the rightful owners of the land that’s now called Israel. Here’s a bit of history on the area and how the country of Israel was formed.

Many many years ago, big and powerful countries used to occupy (colonize) other smaller and much weaker countries around the world in order to spread their influence and steel the resources of the occupied country. The occupiers used to enforce their rules, language and culture on the occupied countries. France occupied Lebanon, Algeria and many others. Italy occupied Libya. But by far, the biggest and most powerful country was Great Britain which occupied and controlled a large number of countries around world, big and small. It’s been said that “THE SUN DOES NOT SET ON THE BRITISH EMPIRE”, meaning that if it’s night time in one part of the British Colonies, it will be day light in another part of the empire across the world. When the people of the occupied country protest to the occupation, they are dealt with very harshly and brutally, but when the occupied country revolts and causes a great deal of trouble to the intruders, the latter packs up and leaves, often assigning the leadership to one of their followers so they can maintain control over that country.

As we all know, The United States of America was one of the British colonies until this country revolted against the British and, under the leadership of George Washington, went into a war against the British and kicked them out in 1776, when we became independent. Two of the main traits that the British left behind are THE LANGUAGE and THE MEASUREMENT SYSTEM. The language was OK but the English measurement system is inferior to the Metric System which is used all over the world. Countries around the world, even Great Britain, converted to the Metric System, but for some strange reason our leaders refused to change. While a president, Jimmy Carter started the conversion to the Metric System, but when Ronald Reagan took office, he stopped and reversed the process. This topic was discussed in details in another post on this website.

On November 2nd, 1917, Arthur James Balfour, the foreign minister of Great Britain, issued his infamous “The Balfour Declaration”, which is a letter from Balfour to Lord Rothschild, the president of the British Zionist Federation. In it, Balfour declared his support to the Zionists to establish a Jewish State in Palestine. Why Palestine? Because it’s the most desirable and holy area in the world. The Jews were scattered all over the world and wanted desperately to establish a country for themselves. The Zionists also claim that the land belongs to them because some Jews used to live in Palestine along with many other groups of people like the Romans and the Palestinians. In the war between the Palestinians and the Zionists intruders, the Zionists won due to the support of the British, and On May 5th, 1948 the country of Israel was officially established in the Land of Palestine.

Q: Why did Balfour decided to grant his approval and support for the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine?

A: During World War 1, Germany (Britain’s enemy during WW1) cornered the production of acetone, an important ingredient of arm production. Great Britain may have lost the war if Chaim Weismann had not invented a fermentation process that allowed the British to manufacture their own liquid acetone. Chaim Weismann was not just a scientist; he was also the leader of the British Zionist movement.

Q: How did the Zionists won the war so easily against the Palestinians?

A: As we mentioned above, Palestine was occupied by Great Britain. The British imposed a martial law in the country, which prohibited the Palestinians from owning weapons of any kind. The same law is imposed in Palestine now by the Israelis. The Zionists used to receive loads of automatic weapons under the watchful eyes of the British soldiers. Between 1917 and 1948 the Zionists committed one massacre after another against the Palestinians in order to force them out of their homes and land. They used to transport those whom they did not kill by the truck loads and dump them across the Jordan River to live in tents, in refugee camps instead of their own homes which the Zionist Jews have taken for themselves. In his book “The General’s Son”, Miko Peled, the son of a high ranking general in the Israeli army says: when the Palestinians were forced to leave their homes in Jerusalem, his father was offered a very nice Palestinian house that has just been vacated. Miko states that when they entered the house, the coffee was still worm in the coffee pot. His mother said: I can never live in a house where another mother used to live with her family.

Here’s the 64 Million dollar question,

Q: Does Israel have the right to exist?

A: This is a two part question.

  • The Jewish people. People are people. Everyone in this world has a right to live regardless of their origin, religion, nationality, color or what part of the world they live in. No one has the right to kill another in order to take his property, not even the Israelis.
  • The country of Israel. When one steels someone else’s property, or robs him of it at gun point or even kills him for it, does that property become legally his? That’s exactly how the country of Israel came to be. The Zionists Jews killed a great deal of Palestinians, robbed them at gun point and took their homes from them. Does that land and those homes become legitimately theirs? I think not.

SO, DOES ISRAEL HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXIST?? AS PEOPLE…YES, AS A COUNTRY…ABSOLUTELY NOT, unless robbing people of their homes and land becomes legal, then the answer becomes yes.

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