By: Andy Christopher




When George W. Bush was a president of this country, he was nothing more than a puppet in the hands of his so called vise president, Dick Cheney, who was actually making the decisions on most, if not all, matters that affected not only our country but other countries around the world, especially in the Middle East. It seems that the only question G.W. used to ask is: where do I sign? I was watching an interview with Cheney about Iraq during which he said: when I decided to invade Iraq!!! I was wondering, what about your boss? Doesn’t he get to decide anything?

So, when Cheney decided to invade Iraq, he sent our soldiers to fight in a place they don’t need to be in, killing and getting killed by people they don’t know. People who have done absolutely nothing to them. The damage done to the country of Iraq is in the Billions if not trillions of dollars, and the pain and suffering inflicted on the natives is beyond belief, just because Mr. Cheney wanted to please and protect the Israelis, who are the only people benefited from this ungodly war. Well, Dick Cheney himself became hugely wealthy, because he awarded all the contracts for work in Iraq to his company, Halliburton. I often wonder, if Donald Trump is called “The Donald”, what should Dick Cheney be called? That name fits him to the T.

Chris Kyle was among the soldiers deployed to Iraq. He was a Navy Seal and one of the best sharp shooters in the American Armed forces. Upon returning to the US, he was interviewed many times on TV, and several stories were told about him. Clint Eastwood directed a movie about his life and his time in the army. The movie “The American Sniper” became a block buster and one of the highest grossing movies of all times. Chris Kyle was considered a hero by many for killing over 160 of the so called “enemy”, and not a hero by many others for the way he killed those people.

A hero is a person who does something out of the ordinary (heroic), often risking his life in the process. Chris Kyle used to lie down on his belly over a rooftop waiting for some “enemy” person to pass by and shoots him. What’s heroic about that? His life was never in danger! He did not fight anyone or get shot at by anyone! Because no one can see him. He just shoots and kills his subjects from a rooftop. In my opinion, he was not a hero. Maybe not a zero either, but very close to it. Also, in my opinion, he should be considered a hero, not for his killings in Iraq, but for reaching out to his fellow soldiers in the US who needed help financially and psychologically, one of whom killed him at close range.

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