Are We Stupid??

By: Hank Hardy

Disclaimer: To start out, I would like to say and stress the fact that I am not a Democrat, a Republican, a Green Party member or belong to any party or political affiliation. I would never think to associate myself with any political group. In fact, I believe that I would be rejected by any and all parties for the simple fact that I cannot and will not support anyone who’s views on things are contrary to mine, and believe them to be wrong or biased. I am independent in my thinking and will stay that way. I call’em as I see’em.

If I want to mention, in this article, all the stupid mistakes, attitude, and actions that I’ve seen in our government in the past few years, it will be thousands of pages long, and I will be typing it for days. But for now, I am going to talk about one stupid thing that we, the people, have made in recent years.

It was re-electing George W. Bush. Let’s go back a few years to when his father was a president. George H. Bush had proven to be a mediocre leader at best. The economy during his administration was in shambles. He needlessly engaged the country in two wars, the first in Iraq, and the other in Panama. His failing policies in all aspects paved the way to the Democratic Candidate Bill Clinton to a land slide victory in 1992. Bill Clinton did an excellent job turning the economy around, and in more than 50 years, we’ve had a budget surplus… yahoooo, great job Billy. Then comes George W. as the Republican nominee. If the father was such a failure, what makes people think that his son will be any better, they voted for him and he won. His winning was mostly a vote against Al Gore, not that they liked George. I must admit that I was one of those people.

Not to be outdone by his father, Mr. W plunged the country in two much bigger wars. He invaded Afghanistan and went back to Iraq to turn over the regime, killing thousands of our soldiers and the Iraqis, nearly destroyed the country, more on that in another post. Mr. W made the first, and by far, the worst mistake of his presidency, he asked a two headed snake, named Dick Chaney to be his vice president. In fact, if you look closely, you’ll see the venom seeping down his mouth when he talks. Chaney took over control of the country and steered it toward a cliff. Just like magic, the two of them managed to change the budget surplus into a huge deficit.

It’s been said that the presidential debate could make or break a candidate. George W. lost all 3 debates against John Kerry when running for a second term. He proved, beyond the shadow of the doubt, that he is the most incompetent president we’ve ever had, and yet, after all these blunders and disastrous actions, we re-elected him to 4 more years of hell on earth, HOW STUPID CAN WE GET? Haven’t we learned anything from the first 4 years? Well…enough on that for now. I could go on and on and on, but this post is getting to be too long and I need to stop.

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