By: Hank Hardy

Everyone is familiar with the four seasons but actually the calendar year is full of seasons. Some are as short as one day like the FORTH Of JULY and THANKSGIVING, and others are longer like the CHRISTMAS SEASON which lasts for a couple of months, but the longest season which comes once every four years is called THE ASS KISSING SEASON, commonly known as the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION SEASON.

Every candidate in this season, without exception, tries to kiss the ass of the Jews in the US in general and the Israelis’ and their supporters’ in particular. Some candidates receive millions of dollars from rich Jews like Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire owner of the Sands Hotels and Casinos who donated millions of dollars to Newt Gingrich in the previous elections after a huge ass kissing from the latter. Hillary Clinton prefers to kiss the asses of the Jews in New York who helped her get elected to the US senate representing that state. Some candidates go overboard with the ass kissing; for example Mike Huckabee who doesn’t only kiss the Israeli ass but he licks it, fondles it and takes it to bed. He recently went to Israel for a fund raising project to his campaign for the presidency, after which he came back with millions of dollars to spend in the US. During his visit to Israel he made several speeches dissing the Palestinians and calling them “invented people” and saying that he agrees with Israel to not allow Palestinians to return to their homeland. His fellow Republican Ann Coulter said that he sounded like he was running for mayor of Tel-Aviv. This Moran thought that he can revive his campaign and move ahead to the front. Instead, his campaign decided to settle in a comfortable spot, right in the toilet.

More recently, Ben Carson decided to try his ass kissing technique. He made a statement on a talk show saying that he would not support a Muslim for a president. A few days later he realized how stupid and outrageous his statement was, so he retracted it and tried explaining it in a different way saying that he would not support a member of ISIS for president…How clever, he thought that ISIS would send a representative to run for the US President so he can destroy the country from the inside. That’s how genius Carson is.

And now, here comes the grand poopa of geniuses, his name is Donald Trump. He probably thought to himself …oh, I almost forgot to kiss the Jews’ ass. Let me go big time and make a statement to please them and let everyone remember it, so he made the most outrageous statement of all, calling on a ban of Muslims entering the US for any reason, even banning Muslim American citizens who live and/or were born in the US from returning to their homes if they travel abroad. What’s next Mr. Idiot? Are you going to demolish their homes like the Israelis do in Palestine? Or you are going to go around shooting them in the streets like the Israelis do in Palestine? This A.. Hole did not care whom he hurts with a statement like that. He did not think about something called discrimination or the American Value which we all cherish. He only cared about kissing the Israeli ass. Well, Trump boy… you succeeded. He was denounced by everyone, even his fellow Republican candidates; but the sad thing is not for an idiot like Trump to make a stupid statement like this but that a small minority of his supporters who agree with him proving that they are as much of airheads as he is. This group is lead by non other than the queen of Morons, Sarah Palin. In her infinite wisdom she said: if this could save lives, profile away.

A reporter from NBC asked Trump this question: you said you wanted to keep a data base on all Muslims in the US, how is that different from requiring the Jews to register in Nazi Germany? Trump asked the reporter who he’s with; ignoring his question even after the reporter repeated it.

In a huge lie a couple of weeks ago, Trump said that thousands and thousands of Arabs in New Jersey cheered as the Twin Towers were coming down. All networks refuted his claim; even the reporter who was there in person and reported the story said it was a lie. When Trump was asked how does he remember that? He said: I have the best memory in the world, but when he was asked when and where this event took place he said: I don’t remember.

I can’t help but wonder if Mr. Idiot thought about what he was blabbering. Did he think about the backlash from everyone especially the Muslims in this country and around the world? Did he think that the only group of people he would be helping is ISIS? Was he trying to put his campaign to bed or even 6 feet under? Although he is supported by some minority followers, the rest of America is not going to tolerate such bigotry and racism. That’s not what our country stands for. Not Donald Trump or ten Donald Trumps could change that.

There you have it, the leading Republican candidate for president. What does that tell you about this party in general and Trump in particular??

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