George W. Bush Heart Problems

By: Andrew McCoy

In the past couple of days, there were a lot of talks about George W’s heart operation. It was mentioned that his heart problem stemmed from increased stress in his life. Let’s see… what can be so stressful in Georgie’s life? He is no longer a president, thank God for that; he no longer has to deal with the # 1 evil in the country, Dick Chaney. He does not have to deal with the huge mess in the economy that he and his vice president created. So, what can be so stressful to cause his heart attack and send him to the hospital for an immediate medical care?? Perhaps, for a few seconds, he came back to his senses and thought, just for a brief moment, about what he had done during his presidency, and what he had allowed his evil vice president to do.

While I have every respect for “The President” and “The Vice President” of the United States. I have no respect for those 2 men, George W. Bush and Dick Chaney. They are the cause of the two unnecessary wars that plagued the country. They are the cause of over 4000 American dead soldiers in Iraq and many more in Afghanistan. They are the cause for tens, maybe hundreds of billions of dollars spent on those wars, when the money could be put to a better use in this country. Their evil doing is going to affect the country for many years to come. That could give anyone with a slight conscious a heart attack and a stroke. Dick Chaney has nothing to worry about because the man has no heart and no conscious.

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