Senate passes bill on companies boycotting Israel

This article, or part of, was posted on the YAHOO website.


Florida wouldn’t be able to invest in companies that boycott Israel under a bill now headed to the desk of Gov. Rick Scott.

The Florida House on Wednesday voted 112-2 for a bill that would force the State Board of Administration to identify companies that boycott Israel and then notify them they are on a “scrutinized companies” list. The board is responsible for managing the state’s retirement fund.

If the companies continue to boycott Israel, the board would not be allowed to invest in those companies. It would also place limits on state agencies from contracting with companies on the list.

The push to take action against companies that boycott Israel is a reaction to a global movement backed by Pro-Palestinian groups.

I would like to ask Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida House a question, or actually several. Is this what you call democracy? Is this what you call free speech? Is this what you call free trade? Or maybe this is what you call blackmail and intimidation!! When are you people going to get away from under the thumb of the Israelis? When are you people going to have a backbone and say NO to Israelis who are dictating their demands to you? You are truly nothing but a bunch of cowards who can only say yes to the Israelis who, half the way across the world, tell you what to do and how to do it!! Grow up and stand up for Florida! Stand up for your country! And most of all stand up for yourselves!

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