By: Hank Hardy

It’s the human nature to support the underdog, and we, the American People, love to stand behind and support the poor, the under privileged, the sick, and people who are just down on their luck. We have proved over the years that we are soft hearted, sympathetic, and ready to help such people. When a natural disaster strikes a country, we are the first to jump to their aid with food, medicine, blankets and basically everything the stricken country needs to survive.  We are also gullible to a fault and tend to believe what we see, hear and read on TV, radio, newspapers and the internet.

For many years, the Israelis took advantage of our good nature and soft hearts and led us to believe that supporting Israel is not just common sense but it’s our duty to do so. I am here to dispel all the myths and lies they planted in our hearts and minds. So, why should we NOT help and support Israel. Here are a few reasons:

  • THE UNDERDOG MYTH: For many years, the Israelis and their supporters in the US successfully convinced a large numbers of us that they are just trying to survive, and they are surrounded by the evil Arabs who vowed to throw them in the sea. The truth is that the Israelis are the ones who go around killing innocent Palestinians, demolishing their homes and stealing their land and resources.

This is the Israeli bravery. 6 heavily armed Israeli soldiers gather to beat up a Palestinian boy.

  • THE ISRAELI STRANGLE HOLD ON OUR COUNTRY: There has never been in the history of the world that a very small country like Israel controls a very big and powerful country like the United States. The Israelis and their supporters in the US control our news media, banking, economy and most importantly, our government. It’s frightening to know that our president and both houses of the congress can do nothing that contradicts the best interest of Israel, even if it’s the right thing.
  • THE ISRAELI SETTLEMENTS: What are the settlements? The Israeli government wants to out-number the Palestinians, so they took the Palestinians’ land and built housing for the Israelis on it. This land was never purchased; it was taken from its rightful owners. Every so often they take another piece of land and build housing for the Israelis. The government supplies those settlements with water and electricity that they steal from the Palestinians villages nearby, and builds the best roads for the settlers to travel on. The Palestinians are not allowed to drive or even walk on these roads. If they do, they risk being arrested or even shot and killed. Those settlements are not built to house the homeless Israelis; they stay empty until the government finds some people to fill them. Those people are often brought to Israel from other countries by the plane full. The government promises them jobs and the good life in Israel but when they realize that they’ve been lied to, they attempt to leave but the Israeli government stops them. Some of the settlers often consist of the murderers, the thieves and the hoodlums who just love to kill Palestinians for no reason, just like the ones who burned a Palestinian baby along with both his parents. I saw a story once on TV about an Israeli family who was given a house to live in on a local farmer’s land in Hebron. The house was very close to the farmer’s house where he and his family live. The two families were constantly arguing and fighting. To solve this problem, the Israeli government built a high chain-link fence around the farmer’s house claiming it’s for their protection. They were prisoners in their own home while the Israeli family was allowed to come and go as they please with no restrictions. Whose money do you think was used to build those settlements? Our money of course!! I remember when George H. Bush, the father, was a president, told the prime minister of Israel, Manahan Begin, at the time; not to use the $3 Billion in economic aid that the US is sending to Israel for building settlements. Begin replied by saying, we will use this money anyway we want. You can’t dictate to us what to do with it. Bush was offended and said: you will not get the money if you are going to use it to build settlements, to which Begin said: I will go to the congress and force you to give us the money. At that time Bush said: I will veto the bill and you will never get the money. Begin backed down after that and promised not to build settlements with the money. Of course he lied like all Israelis do. When our president objects to the settlements, the Israeli government tells him to mind his own business.
  • THE FRIENDSHIP MYTH: Some ignorant people think that we should support Israel because it’s “our only friend and ally in the Middle East”. It’s true that the United States, has no friends in the Middle East. We have followers like Jordan and Egypt and countries with whom we have treaties like Saudi Arabia and the UAE, but no real friends. Why? Because that’s what Israel wants. I remember when George W. Bush, the son, sent his top assistant, Karen Hughes to the Middle East shortly after the invasion of Iraq. Her mission was to find out why the Arabic countries don’t like us. How stupid can that man be?? After all that he’s done to the Arabic countries, he still does not know why they hate us? Jon Stewart of the Daily Show answered that question. He said: maybe because we keep bombing them!!
  • THE REPEATED BACK STABBING: After all the money, weapons, technology and countless other ways in which we help Israel, the Israeli government seizes every opportunity to stab us in the back, and every time that happens, we, the American government, instead of getting angry at the Israelis, we just “turn the other cheek”. Remember the Liberty? Our ship that went to help the Israelis in the 6-day war was deliberately and viciously attacked by the Israeli torpedoes and fighter jets that we gave them. The torpedoes tried to sink it but it won’t go down, however, 34 of our sailors lost their lives.

Jonathan Pollard, an Israeli spy stole and sold valuable secret and highly classified information to the Israeli government. Some radicals like Alan Dershowitz tried to justify this treason by saying: at least he was spying for a friendly country not the enemy. Dershowitz does not realize that it hurts much more to be stabbed in the back by a friend than by an enemy. Pollard is one of many spies the Israeli government employs to steal our military secrets. Some were caught and some are still operating inside our different governmental departments.

  • HELPING OTHERS: As much as we, the American people, love to help other people who are in desperate need for help, we are not allowed to help the Palestinians who lost their homes to the Israeli bulldozers, their land to the Israeli government, their resources to the Israeli authorities. The Israeli army would stop anyone from any country who tries to help the Palestinians. Not only that but we keep sending them very expensive war planes, missiles, tanks and every other kind of weapons to kill more innocent Palestinians. In addition to all the atrocities they commit in Gaza and the West Bank, we are forced to defend them in the United Nations and in the news all the time. The Israeli army has been surrounding the Gaza strips for years in an effort to strangle them economically, and when the people of Gaza build tunnels underground to bring food and medicine to their people, the Israeli army tries to destroy them, and every few years they declare an all out massacre on the people of Gaza killing hundreds and thousands of them in the process and destroying their building and burning their food supplies.

The Israelis have no intention to establish peace in the Middle East. Every American president in recent history claims to be the one that will finally get the Palestinians and the Israelis to agree to a peace treaty and everyone of them falls flat on his face when he opens his mouth. The Israelis simply tell him to sit on the side line and shut his mouth, and we, the American people are either brainwashed or afraid to speak up. The Israelis are robbing us blind and we just keep giving them more. It’s time to stop this madness and stand up for what’s right. It’s time to tell the Israelis, enough is enough. It’s time for our president to have a back bone and stand up to those Israeli bullies.

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