Detroit Going Bankrupt

By: Hank Hardy

Once upon a time, a huge man from Detroit named Kwame Kirkpatrick decided to run for Mayor of Detroit. Having a congress woman for a mother and a well-known business man for a father gave him the recognition he needed, not to mention a large pile of money to spend on TV commercials and other forms of advertisements which helped him win the election, and become the youngest mayor in the history of the city. He was soft spoken and sounded very believable in his promises and convincing in his plans.

During his first administration, he promised the moon but mooned the people of Detroit in his results. He promised to bring business and lots of money to the city; he delivered on those promises, not to the city but to his father, his close friend Bobby Ferguson and other relatives and friends, who in return, greased his hands generously with gifts and large checks. He promised honesty and integrity but brought sex scandals and corruption to Detroit.

Obviously, the people of Detroit made a colossal mistake when they elected him to be their mayor, which could happen; after all, they are humans and everyone makes mistakes; besides, people didn’t really know him. What’s amazing though, is not his election but his re-election to the same position after he’s been exposed by the news media; and one story after another were told about him in the newspapers and TV channels of the major networks.

He used to take vacations to Europe and other parts of the world and charge them to the city of Detroit. He leased a Lincoln Navigator for his wife with lease payments of $2000 per month at the city’s expense. His sex scandals were all over the news. These incidents were the tip of the iceberg. After knowing the true Kwame Kirkpatrick, the people of Detroit re-elected him for a second term, of which he only served 1 year, after which he was fired. Detroiters!! What were you thinking?? Do you have rocks for brains?? Are you so %$#@* stupid??

After his leaving the mayor’s office, the city of Detroit has never recovered. I am not surprised that the city is going bankrupt; I am surprised that the city is still standing! Though barely.

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