The Big Bully

By: John Davis

Those of us who feel that there is something missing from our lives if we don’t watch the news, cannot help but wonder why things are the way they are, and why those in power act the way they do.

Lately, there was a lot of talk about Iran. This country hates the United States of America with a burning passion that they cannot hide even if they try. The feeling is mutual in the United States toward Iran. Have you wondered why that is? Here are the facts.

Back when the Shah of Iran was in power, The US and Iran were good friends. The Shah was a “yes man” to the American President, regardless of who he was, or what party he’s affiliated with, but when he, the Shah, was deposed in 1979, the new leaders of that country have had different views and policies toward the West in general and the US in particular. Lately, the relationship has deteriorated to a point that a war could break out at any time. Why?

Iran, as an independent country felt that they have the right to do whatever they want within their borders, so they decided to build nuclear reactors to produce electricity, and later on to build an atomic bomb. The US was very upset and wanted to stop Iran from doing that at any cost. Our leaders did nothing, and said nothing when India and Pakistan built similar bombs, so why is this hostel reaction toward Iran? It is to protect Israel. Our leaders feel that since we are the biggest and strongest country, militarily, we can and do anything we want. We can even bully other countries, even bomb them if they oppose us; we proved that over the years with different countries around the world. So our leaders imposed strong sanction against Iran in attempt to bring them to their knees, not knowing how stubborn and determined the leaders of Iran are. The tension is mounting between the two countries, and to some, war seems to be imminent.

What are the Israelis doing now, they are watching from the side line, making sure that the US does not back down from its hardline position toward Iran. What happens if our president comes back to his senses and decided to try diplomacy and negotiation so the two countries would understand each other, and maybe become friends instead of enemies? Should that happen, the Israelis would drag the US by the tail to a war similar to the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars. How? By attacking Iran and demanding protection from the US. Obama is a very smart man but he would make the stupidest mistake in his life, if he allows the Israelis to drag his rear end into a war with Iran. In a recent comment by him and his vice president, he indicated that such action is possible if Iran does not back down from enriching its nuclear reactors.

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