Pink Floyd “Reunite” to Support Pro-Palestinian Activist Group

By Amanda Wicks

It may not be the reunion fans were hoping for, but Pink Floyd have come together to support a pro-Palestinian activist group.

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The Women’s Boat to Gaza is part of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition. It contains 13 women, including the 1976 Nobel peace laureate from Northern Ireland, Mairead Maguire, and it journeyed from Barcelona to Gaza in September in order to bring attention to the Israeli’s naval blockade of the Gaza Strip. The organization posted on its website that they lost contact with the boat on October 5th, and presume that the Israeli Occupation Navy has surrounded it in international waters.

On Pink Floyd’s Facebook page, the band released the following statement: “‘Pink Floyd reunites to stand with the Women of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla.’ David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Roger Waters stand united in support of the Women of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, and deplore their illegal arrest and detention in international waters by the Israeli Defense Force.”

Waters has been clear about his stance on the Israeli government, and has called for a cultural boycott of the country. In October 2015, he toldRolling Stone, “It’s not the Israeli people, not Jews and not Judaism. I would never dream of attacking them. In fact, a lot of the Israelis are the people who are putting the most into fighting the hardest because they believe it is the most effective tool for changing policies of their own government.”

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