The Royal Baby!!!! Who??

By: John Davis

WAAAHOOO…HALLALUIA…. The Royal Baby is born. What a joyous event?? Everybody and his uncle in England, The US, and many other countries, seem to be on cloud nine, and just couldn’t contain their happiness that the Royal Baby is gracing the surface of this earth. This event occupied the front spot of the national news; other news, that affect millions of people, took a back seat to the birth of his highness. Special programs were created by different networks about the Royal Baby. Major networks sent their correspondences to England to cover this important story. It was reported that the carrier in which his father took him to the car, was flying off the store shelves; similar  dresses to the one his mother worn were disappearing from the stores as soon as the store keepers put them on the shelves.  Cars similar to the one his father drove which carried the whole family would probably be filling the streets of London.

Are you kidding me?? Are you.. *&^%$ .. kidding me?? Has this baby descended from the sky? Have his parents done anything heroic to produce him? Is he the Masaya that will save the earth from all evil? Well….NO!! Surprised??

Though I have not personally seen this baby, I am willing to bet all my money, of which I don’t have much, that this baby is no different from all other babies born anywhere in the world. He has two arms, two legs, and whatever else baby boys have. So, why is all the hoopla?? Oh yeah.. I almost forgot; this baby is going to be the King of England one day, maybe 50-100 years from now. And how is that going to affect us, you and me and him and her? Not one bit!!

Don’t we have anything else to occupy our time and get excited about that is of some importance?? Have our miserable lives become so empty and meaningless that we get excited about something silly like the birth of a baby thousands of miles away?

Wise up people; believe it or not, there’s a whole world out there that does not evolve around this baby who doesn’t even have a name, at the time of writing this article.

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