Miley Cyrus Running For An Office!!!

By: Andrew McCoy

You have got to be living under a rock not to have heard about Miley Cyprus’s VMA’s reprehensible behavior in the MTV Video Music Award show. Miley sang and

danced on stage wearing nothing but a two-piece bikini and that butt ugly hair do. She bent over in front Robin Thick, rubbing her rear end against his front end.

In a recent video she has made for one of her songs, The Wrecking Ball,  she appeared completely naked while sitting on a wrecking ball, swinging back and forth.

Those two incidences were very offensive to some, especially those who have small children. People called her every name in the book, tweeting very colorful remarks about her.

As I said, when asked about her outrageous behavior, I said: please don’t blame Miley for all that unforgivable display of reprehensible behavior, she’s running for an office, and we know that when someone is running for an office he or she would say and do anything to help them win. My friend, the one who asked the question, followed it with another question; he asked: oh yeah, what office is she running for. I replied, the Mayor of Slutsville. This office is currently held by Madonna; remember her boob showing in her concert in Malaysia? Madonna had a lot of competition from Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Katie Perry and countless others, but she managed to beat them all for the title. Miley Cyrus seems to be knocking on the office door of the Mayor of Slutsville. Congratulation Miley, you’re a shoe in, and very soon you could be occupying the Mayor’s seat.

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