Home Demolition In Palestine

By:Hank Hardy

The following report was published on the YAHOO website in regard to the demolition of Palestinians’ home in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Israeli authorities said Monday that notices have been issued to several Palestinians warning them of a demolition drive in the West Bank. The move comes after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the resumption of the practice of destroying Palestinian homes following clashes over the Al Aqsa Mosque and Temple Mount compound.

The country’s military said that the demolition of several houses had been approved and the police have also marked several houses in the eastern part of Jerusalem for destruction or to seal them up, according to The Associated Press. Officials are currently awaiting a final nod from the government before beginning the demolition drive, the report said”.

Just imagine for a second that these homes are being destroyed here, in the United States, and your house was one of them.

What would you do??

Do you just say: Ahh let them destroy it; I’ll just go somewhere else and buy another one! Or would you say:

well, God promised them this land so they’re entitled to it and everything on it!

Or would you fight them in every imaginable way, with whatever weapons accessible to you even if it’s just a stone or a small rock! Well that’s what the Palestinians decided to do, and that’s why they are called Terrorists.

27,000 homes were demolished since Israel assumed control over the West Bank and Gaza. Besides killing innocent people for no good reason or for fabricated reasons, there is no more immoral action anyone can take than destroying someone’s house just because the Israelis want his land. What’s equally immoral is our government’s unconditional support for this “country of thugs” called Israel.

What did our beloved president do when the Israeli government declared a couple of months ago the annexation of Palestinian land in East Jerusalem? Absolutely nothing. The President of the United States told them not to do that, to which Netanyahu answered: You should get your facts straight. We decided to annex this land a long time ago. In other words, we are not trying to rob the Palestinians of their land now! We already robbed them of it a long time ago. One of the people in Obama’s administration was so fed up and so disgusted with the arrogance of Netanyahu and the Israeli government that he called him “chicken shit”. Actually, this unnamed person was too kind to Netanyahu.

Mr. Chicken Shit

I asked you, the reader, earlier to imagine that those destroyed homes were in this country. Well; don’t go that far, just imagine those homes were destroyed in the Ukraine by the Russian soldiers. How would the world react to such news? Better yet, how would we, in this country in general and our beloved president in particular, react to such news. When Putin annexed the Crimea area after an overwhelming referendum and approval by its people, Barack Obama went crazy and announced sanctions against Russia. The Palestinian people did not get to vote on such referendum. Their land was stolen from them at gun point. In this country we call that “armed robbery”. What did Obama do? Absolutely nothing. Not only that, but our country continues to support Israel and send them money, arms and everything else they demand.

Every president we’ve had in last 50 years called for human rights and standing up to the bullies of the world, but when it comes to the Palestinians, not only that they turn a blind eye and a deaf ear, but they help the Israelis kill those innocent people and destroy their homes with unlimited shipments of weapons and money. When other countries decide to help by sending food, medical supplies and doctors to help the Palestinians, the Israeli government blocks their shipments and stops the doctors from entering the area. And when the United Nations once sent a huge amount of food to Gaza the Israeli airplanes bombed the warehouse in which the supply was stored.

I think all those presidents who call for human rights should walk around wearing paper bags over their heads for all the lies and deceit that comes out of their mouths, except George W. Bush. He should walk around with his head tucked between his legs for all the shame and humiliation he brought upon this country.

We, the American people should stand up to our president and government and stop this madness of supporting those Israeli thugs who’s only mission in life is to kill Palestinians and rob them of their land. After all, it’s our money that’s been sent to the Israeli’s to commit one massacre after another while we sit here and watch, and if the news gets to be too gruesome, we just change the channel.

It never seizes to amaze me, how we, the American people in general and our government in particular, the most helpful nation on earth, jump to the aid of other countries if they were facing a natural disaster like hurricane, earthquake, flood or any such natural disaster, or a man-made disaster like a war. We send those people of other countries food, medicine, blankets and everything else they need to help them cope with their situation. We do that for any country on earth except the Palestinians. Not only that we ignore them and turn the other way but we send the thugs who caused their misery more money and weapons to do even more harm to them. We all should be ashamed of ourselves, claiming to be democratic and always calling for justice and human rights. Where is the justice here? Can anyone see it? I sure can’t.

How could anyone with a particle of conscience and humanity allow this to happen? How can we just sit on the sideline and pretend that we don’t see or hear the plea of help of those people whose only fault is owning land that the Israelis want. If we see an animal being abused we get outraged and offer to help in any way we can. We move heaven and earth to help a child who’s suffering from a terminal disease, but when it comes to Palestinian children we look at them being killed by the 10’s or even by the 100’s without lifting a finger to help them. More over, we give the Israeli murderers more weapons to bomb the schools, hospitals and homes, as if those people don’t exist.

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