Ahmed Mohamed AND CJ Pearson

By:Sarah Hamdan

Most people in this country and around the world have heard Ahmed Mohamed’s story, but in case you haven’t, here’s briefly what happened to him.

Ahmed is a 14 year old kid living and going to school in Irving, Texas. He designed a homemade clock and was very excited to show it to his teacher next day. Instead of praising this young man’s ingenuity and genius, his teacher called the police who came to the school and arrested this kid because they thought he’s bringing a bomb to school.

This is Ahmed’s clock

Lately, people are living on edge for all the shootings in public places especially school. So, you would think that the teacher and police arresting officer were justified to think that this ticking think would be a bomb. The teacher was either threatened by the boy’s genius because this kid is Muslim or he was prejudice against Muslims, or he was just plain stupid, not fit to be a teacher whose job is to enrich and help develop the students’ brains not get them arrested. He did not bother asking the kid what is this device he’s trying to show him. He didn’t bother looking at it and realize that there is nothing attached to it that could explode. He automatically assumed it’s a bomb because this kid is Muslim.

What about the cop who arrested this kid? If the teacher was dumb enough to think that this device is a bomb, the officer was ten times as dumb. He is in law enforcement, trained to handle and recognize different kinds of weapons and explosives. If explosives are not his specialty, he should be able to recognize a bomb when he sees one. This clock was not hidden in a box that’s ticking away to scare everyone. It was sitting on the table for everyone to see. I wonder if the cop was blind as well as dumb that he couldn’t see anything attached to the clock like sticks of dynamite or any suspicious material. He, just like the teacher, assumed it’s a bomb because the kid who brought it to school is Muslim. I think they should make a movie about these two characters and call if “DUMB and DUMBER”. Oh, I forgot, this name is already taken. Maybe they should call the movie “DUMBER and DUMBEST”.

I love the support and the reaction that this kid has received from people all over the country, among which was President Obama who called this kid’s project “cool” and invited him to visit the White House. Mark Zuckerberg invited Ahmed to visit FACEBOOK and said this kid should be applauded not arrested. M.I.T, the best engineering school in the world said that they will reserve a spot for him. He was also praised by Hillary Clinton and many others.

CJ Pearson is a 13 year old kid from Augusta Georgia. He got jealous of all the attention Ahmed is getting especially from the White House and decided to record a video and posted it on “You Tube”. He was bashing the president for inviting Ahmed to the White House. He said in his video, when police officers are gunned down, their families are not invited to the White House but when a Muslim kid makes a clock, well come-on down. Well CJ, do you know what “sour grapes” is? If you don’t, just look in the mirror and you will see him. The President can invite whoever he chooses to the White House. Sad as it is, police officers and soldiers are gunned down, around the country, almost on daily bases, so, if the president invites everyone’s family to the White House, he will have no time to do anything else. Ahmed Mohamed’s story is a unique event that happened in this country which attracted a large number of people’s attention including the president’s. And, why are you trying to steal that boy’s thunder. Are you just trying to put the attention on yourself instead? Do something good and you will get the attention you deserve. I know you are just a kid and everyone is entitled to his opinion but does it have to be in a hateful way?

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