By: Hank Hardy

It almost makes me laugh when I hear on TV or read on the internet or in the newspapers that the Israelis are blaming the Palestinians for the problems in the land of Palestine, a big part of which is now called Israel. The criminal blames the victim. It’s like when a judge asked the rapist, why did you rape this woman? The rapist replied: your honor, it’s her fault. She’s just too pretty and I couldn’t help myself.

The audacity and shamelessness of those Israelis are unbelievable. It’s no wonder, just look who their leader is. The most arrogant and stupidest looking man in the world named Netanyahu.

I read an article on the internet by one of Israel’s supporters in the US. He was trying to justify building settlements on Palestinian land. He said that the land was undeveloped and now it’s all green with nice houses to look at and nice streets leading to those houses; so, what’s wrong with that? The writer added that the settlements are not the problem to peace in the Middle East. The Palestinians were offered peace twice in the year 2000 by Ehud Barak and in 2008 by Ehud Olmert but they refused it.

Well, Mr. ignorant. Consider this scenario: you are a poor man, living with your family in a run-down house. One day a couple of people come to you and say: your house is old and in bad condition, we are going to tear it down and build a big nice house in its place, but… we are going to live in it, not you. And your land, we are not going to buy it from you, we’re just going to take it. Isn’t that wonderful?

The Israeli settlements are built on Palestinian land that was not purchased but taken from its owners. Our beloved government provides all the financing for the construction of these settlements. Palestinian homes are being demolished every day, and the people who lived in those homes are either exiled to Jordan to live in Refugee Camps or just told to go away and find another place to live. If at any time those people protested and tried to fight back, they are called terrorists and should be killed. This is the Israeli and American justice.

As to the peace offering that the Palestinians refused; Yasser Arafat, the PLO leader at that time was not invited to negotiate the terms of the agreement, he was told: here’s what we want….sign on the dotted line. The so called agreement dictates that the Palestinians would have sovereignty over the major cities in the west bank excluding Jerusalem and the Israelis would control the all the major roads leading to those cities. Bill Clinton was scheduled to go on an overseas trip which he cancelled in an effort to force Yasser Arafat to sign this so called agreement, but the latter refused as anyone in his right mind would.

Recently, there has been a barrage of Israeli soldiers stabbed by Palestinians who are just fed up and couldn’t take it anymore. The stabbers are not arrested or tried in court; they were shot by the Israeli police and killed on the spot. Just imagine the uproar in this country if this happens on American soil; but it’s OK for the Israelis to shoot Palestinian people anytime and anywhere they want, right Mr. President? The Palestinians are stripped of all kinds of weapons. They are using the only thing accessible to them, rocks and kitchen knives.

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