Ken O’Keefe

By: Hank Hardy

I must admit that I am a political junkie. I despise most of the politicians in this and other countries, not because they have a different opinion from mine or because they belong to a different group or nationality, but I despise them for their corruption, greed and lack of moral value. Sometimes you find a politician that’s honest with high morality and an unshaken integrity. Unfortunately, such a politician is very hard to find.

While watching a political debate on YOU TUBE, I noticed that one of the panels named Ken O’Keefe is very passionate about the debate subjects “The Middle East” and the US government and Israel.

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Here’s a tid bit about Ken Okeefe: He is a former marine who was deployed to Iraq during the first war with that country, which got him thinking about the Middle East in general and Palestine and Israel in particular. He renounced his American citizenship and dedicated his life, and made it his main mission to uncover the truth and educate people about the reality in the Middle East. After having a successful business in Hawaii, he left the country and currently resides in London.

Please google him and go to his website, then listen to his debates and interviews on you tube. We’d love to hear from you and get your thoughts on Ken O’Keefe. I think he’s awesome.

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